Dr. Douglas States, MD

Being a Family Physician is a great honor and responsibility.  This career has given me the opportunity to serve my home town community and touch many lives.  Recently I have made a decision to serve my profession in a different way, through teaching Family Medicine to Resident physicians in Lincoln, NE.   There is no better way to leave a legacy in our profession than to contribute to the education of the next generations of Family Physicians that will serve our state well into the future.  My work in Lincoln is very rewarding on a professional level but I remain committed to my patients in North Platte as well.  I enjoy the practice of medicine in my hometown and plan to continue that practice until my retirement.

As I transitioned into my new career path as part-time faculty at Lincoln Family Medicine Residency Program I have made a commitment to serve my patients in North Platte.  I continue to see patients weekly on Monday’s and Tuesday’s most weeks of the month.  I continue to offer Colorectal Cancer Screening, Upper Endoscopy services, and other outpatient testing like Cardiac Stress Testing at Great Plains Health and North Platte Surgical Center.  I fulfilled this commitment by closing my private office and moving to Midlands Health Group at 611 West Frances.  I have kept my previous private office phone number, and my beloved receptionist and mother-in-law Carol Scoggins still serves our patients by answering the phone and assisting our patients with their medical care.  Carol answers the phone 8am to 12 noon, M-F most weeks.  You can talk to her about scheduling appointments or services or leave her a message if you call after her hours of operation or during a Holiday or her time-off.

 My scheduling phone number is (308)534-8383. If Carol is not available, follow the prompts to contact my Midlands office or call: Midlands Operator: (308)534-2532.  Nursing and medical questions should be directed to the Midlands office.  Our after hours call number to speak to a physician is the GPH operator: (308)696-8000.

My email is statesfamilypractice@yahoo.com.  Please do not violate your HIPPA or send patient protected health information or inquire about any medical conditions through email as we cannot respond to such issues without violating HIPPA.  Email is only for clerical or business issues only.  If you want to schedule a telehealth appointment with me and Carol is  not available you may request an appointment with me using this email.

I appreciate all my patients support of my practice in this time of transition to my new career.  We are all going through changes and adjustments but I remain committed to meet your primary care needs and work to improve the delivery of my health care services to deliver the highest quality and convenience to serve my many patients that have trusted me with their family’s health care needs.  I truly appreciate the privilege of being your Family Physician.

If you have a minor medial issue, such as an Urgent Care type medical problem, then you can schedule a Telehealth Appointment with me almost any day of the week by appointment through Carol, or using my email above.  I use Amwell as my Telehealth technology so please install that on your computer or smart phone.  Click on that link to register.  Your App store will have the download or you can visit their website, Amwell link, for the Desktop version.   Blue Cross has selected Amwell to serve their clients with a $10 copay, much less than the $200 Urgent Care fees.  So, I’ll see you anytime after hours, based on my availability, through Telehealth secure video conferencing technology by scheduling an appointment with Carol.

Using Telehealth, I can counsel, advise, refill medications, diagnose and treat minor medical problems, assist with administrative needs (like work or school absence notes).  Learn more about Telehealth on my blog, Telehealth information.

Steps to initiate a Telehealth visit:

  1. Be located in Nebraska, where I am licensed.
  2. Install the Amwell App on your phone or iPad through your App store.
  3. Input you medical, insurance, and demographic information on their secure site.
  4. or Register for Amwell on their website, Amwell site
  5. Notify my scheduler that you would like a Telehealth visit, call (308)534-8383 or email us at statesfamilypractice@yahoo.com
  6. Log in to the Amwell site or App at the scheduled time and select me as your provider.

If you need to see a physician and I am not available then please call to schedule with one of my colleagues at Midlands.  Carol can help you with this or call the Midlands number, (308)532-2532.

If you have an Emergency, then obviously go to the ER or dial 911.

If you require hospitalization in North Platte then you have two choices.  I do not currently follow inpatients in North Platte unless I am on call for the group which is only a limited number of weekends per year.  So, you may ask the ER doctor to contact one of my colleagues at Midlands (Drs. Sri, Lalitha, Nielsen, Murdock, Brittan or Citta, or our Resident on call) or you may ask to be cared for by the hospitalists of GPH.  Hospitalists are the group of doctors employed by GPH hospital that specialize in hospital medicine.  Of course both options of Primary Care will consult with the GPH specialists needed to care for your problems.