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       I am a Board Certified Family Physician from North Platte, Nebraska.   I am a University of Nebraska graduate in Mechanical Engineering and University of Nebraska Medical Center graduate, class of 1995.  I did my Residency training at Clarkson Hospital in Omaha, NE.  I have practiced in North Platte my entire career, 10 years in solo practice.  I have many wonderful patients, many of whom I consider my friends.  Currently I practice medicine at Midlands Medical Group in North Platte and in April of 2016 I joined Lincoln Family Medicine Residency Program in Lincoln, NE as a part time faculty member.  I will be maintaining a part time practice in North Platte, two days each week, in order to continue to serve my patients.
     My wife, Kayla, and I have been blessed to have raised three daughters and one son in North Platte.  My interests and hobbies are numerous and eclectic.  I have a lifelong love of learning and consequently I have learned a lot!  I am extremely analytically bent on the social style spectrum, as are most Engineers, but work hard to be a well rounded individual.  I love to be active and fit so many of my interests are involving sports and outdoor activities.  In no particular order, I enjoy: hunting, fishing, carpentry, crafts, refurbishing and repurposing, welding, “barning”-tearing down barns for materials, bicycling, motorcycles, ATV riding, boating, skiing on snow and water, hiking, triathlons, computers and technology, inventing, creating, yard work, landscaping, cooking, charity, movies, audio books, reading, exercising, weight lifting, basketball, the huskers, racquetball (I represented UNL at national tournament in undergrad.), tennis, golf, swimming (my high school sport), hanging out with family and friends, and I love politics.  I don’t sit around much.  Lately I have taken to personal development after being involved in a leadership training course.  I love to be a resource, a curator of helpful information and inspiration to the people in my life.
     I am available to my patients and Nebraska residents for telehealth appointments through Amwell.  See my telehealth blog post to learn more and schedule an appointment.